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Common Social Paradox

We’re recently having a 20 facts about me phenomenon on Instagram, where tagged person should post facts about them and tag another person.

Basically people would tag their closest friends. And when I heard people whining about how they got so much tag from other people, I assume they got really a lot of friends.

There’s people I know who keeps whining about how lonely he is and how the world is abandoning him badly. But in fact, he’s always accompanied by a lot of people, socializing from bistro to bistro, takes a lot of pictures with his friends, people come to him easily, and of course got a lot of 20 facts tags

And there’s me who keeps thinking that I got a lot of friends since I hang out with some people lately and share some good conversation. But in fact, I spend most of my time alone, rarely socializing to bistros, rarely posting filtered pictures with friends, trying so hard to mingle with people, and of course I got no tag.

The conclusion is I’ve been living in delusion. I think I people claimed me as friends but the fact stated that they didn’t.

I am just everybody’s acquaintance.

All this time, I’ve been observing people. How they socialize, and how they make friends.

One thing I know, there’s always one who doesn’t give much effort to socialize but people always come to him/her all the time. While I’m here trying too hard to socialize, sacrificing my introversion, and still being the loneliest person in the room.

And this creates a common social paradox: feeling lonely in the crowd.

Dolls. (at Lapangan Merah)

Dolls. (at Lapangan Merah)

Tokyo at night. (at 東京タワー Tokyo Tower)

Tokyo at night. (at 東京タワー Tokyo Tower)

I’m you personal pro, you know. You know what number to try when to cry.

— The Cardigans - Been It